MMTF Taken to Task after Series of Flip-Flop Covid-19 Measures


To open up or tell people to stay at home?

To track or go with endemic living?

To tighten border controls or allow for more foreign travellers?

Everyday Singaporeans have already expressed their discontent up with the constant indecisiveness of the Multi-Ministry Task Force – helmed by Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong.

And now it seems that public policy bigwigs are getting fed up as well.

So much so that even Devadas Krishnadas, the former Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the late President S R Nathan, compared the MMTF to a “bipolar parent”.

In a stinging criticism of the MMTF, Devadas, who also served for five years in public policy in multiple Ministries including the Ministry of Finance, said he believes the task force does not appear to have a commitment to its own plan and that he “given up” on them.

The wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has also weighed in on some of the decisions made by the MMTF.

Ho Ching, who heads the government-owned investment company Temasek Holdings, openly criticised the decision by the Health Ministry for its latest move to hide the number of daily unlinked Covid-19 cases from the public.

Public criticism of the MMTF’s flip-flopping has been mounting, especially with two of the task force members Wong and Ong touted as future candidates for the post of prime minister.

Just last week, it announced that the government will not revert to tighter measures despite rising Covid-19 cases, only to backtrack on the statement 3 days later, with Finance Minister Wong saying that the government will not rule out such measures.

Prior to this, the task force announced that it will reduce quarantine requirements for foreign travellers to Singapore, only to reverse the decision 3 days later and tighten the requirements.

With the new and more vaccine-resistant Delta and Mu strains of the Covid-19 virus making its rounds globally, Singaporeans have also questioned the decision to open the borders now to foreign travellers from high-risk nations, fearing another lockdown that will once again destroy many businesses.

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