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Mom Uses Toddler to Chope Parking Lot by Leaving Him there Unattended Under the Hot Sun

If you’re driving in Malaysia and see a child sitting by the roadside, he might be “chope-ing” a parking lot for his parents.

A woman in Kuala Lumpur has become the subject of internet hate after she made her toddler sit in the middle of a parking lot to chope the place for her.

Besides the ridiculous attempt at saving a spot, the sun was very hot that day.

Kiasu Mom then went to her car and drove it to the spot 20 minutes later.

During that time, concerned passers-by were wondering whether the boy was lost or abandoned.

It’s only when Kiasu Mom arrived that they realised he was the Singapore equivalent of pack of tissue paper at a food court.

Lesson learnt: don’t mess with our Malaysian counterparts when it comes to the rush for parking spaces!



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