Monitor Lizard Tries to take MRT without Paying Fare, Gets Dragged Out of Station by Staff

Lizard bro, if the fare gantry can function even during a MRT station power failure, what makes you think you can suka suka try taking the train without paying?

Just because you’re a monitor lizard? Sorry, no can do.

And besides, you FT monitor lizard or what? Want to take train, go Bishan MRT station lah, not depot!

This lizard bro was had to be prodded out from under a train at the Bishan MRT depot with a metal rod, then dragged out of the station by staff.

The incident took place yesterday.

What’s strange is why a lizard would want to take the train, when even this snake don’t dare to board the MRT after all the recent breakdowns an disruptions!



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