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More Confusing MTF Messages: Ivory Tower Does As It Pleases But Restricts Singaporeans?


RONALD LEE: Looks like the Multi-Ministry Task Force looks is sending mixed signals once again, confusing many in the process.

No wonder a petition for Health Minister Ong Ye Kung that’s circulating online has over a thousand signatures so far.

Just last week, the government saw it fit to open up the borders to tourists and other travellers from Germany and Brunei without the need for them to serve any stay-home notice.

More than 2000 of these travellers are heading our way. Some already have.

Large-scale gatherings such as the National Day Parade, involving thousands of performers and crew, were allowed to carry on as usual.

And workers were told to return to office because the Covid situation is “stabilising” despite Covid clusters affecting public transport hubs.

During all this time, restrictions on dining out and social gatherings continued – only two people at hawker centres and groups of five fully-vaccinated persons for restaurants.

Tight restrictions were continued on weddings and other social activities, not to mention live music and TV broadcasts in public are still banned.

Now, with the number of cases crossing the 1000 daily mark and expected to rise further, the task force has told Singaporeans to cut social activities and stay home unless necessary.

We’re also told to self-quarantine if we have mild Covid symptoms, and don’t seek treatment at hospitals because hospital wards are “under pressure”.

With so many mixed signals, can the government blame Singaporeans for being angry and confused?

Why the double standards?

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