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More GST Money Wasted on White Elephant SafeEntry Gantries?


ELSON: Looks like the government has no better way to spend your GST money, and it still wants more!

There are no more limits on how many people can enter a shopping mall or dining place at one time, compared to the Covid-19 situation a year ago.

People who are still Covid-positive after 7 days of quarantine can just go out and do whatever they want, according to the Health Ministry.

Even then, half of the people around you could have Covid because there is no need to report even if you test positive.

And the government doesn’t even publicly report “hot spot” Covid infection areas anymore so that people can avoid going to these places.

So why the need for more SafeEntry gantries?

Why the need for SafeEntry and TraceTogether even?

Looks like a way to continue punishing unvaccinated Singaporeans.

But this group forms just a miniscule minority of the population, so why the need to go this extent?

To force them to get vaccinated, without making vaccination compulsory?

Interestingly, foreigners coming to Singapore need just two vaccination shots to be considered “fully vaccinated”, compared to Singaporeans who will soon need 3 jabs once their second jab “expires”.

All the why questions about SafeEntry have been floating around for some time now, but the government is still not forthcoming with answers.

Maybe Ong is still looking for a SafeAnswer.

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