More than 100 Kopi Sellers Still Charging Inflated Chinese New Year Prices for Kopi

It’s commonplace for Chinese businesses to raise prices during Chinese New Year, and go back to their original prices once the festival has passed.

But these greedy kopi sellers aren’t budging.

Some charge as much as S$1.20 for a cup of kopi o and S$1.50 for a normal kopi.

It’s been a month since CNY, but the Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant & Bar-Owners Association says that out of its 300 member merchants, over 100 are still charging jacked-up prices.

Even kopi sellers at NTUC Foodfare coffeeshops have raised prices.

Since 23rd Feb, kopi prices went up by 20 cents, such that a cup of kopi now costs 90 cents.

However, the association acknowledged that some kopi sellers are pressured to raise prices due to factors such as higher rent, and higher costs of coffee powder and sugar.

Some kopi sellers also prefer to higher Singaporeans, and have to pay such workers higher salaries.

The Kim San Leng chain of kopitiams, though, haven’t increased prices.

A cup of kopi o at these kopitiams continues to sell at 90 cents.

The kopitiam chain says there’s no need to raise prices as training staff to perform multiple jobs from manning the cashier to making kopi has improved productivity.

It added that outsourcing of certain services such as dishwashing, in addition to government grants, have helped keep costs under control.

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