More Uncles Spotted Sleeping Overnight at Zion Road Hawker Centre


Zion Road Riverside Food Centre is where char kway teow-lovers go for their fix.

But of late more people have been seen flocking there to sleep for night.

Up to 6 uncles, aged between 40 to 60, were seen sleeping there consistently over the past 2 weeks.

One regular patron of the hawker centre says there the uncles will usually go there for drinks at about 10pm.

Come midnight, when most of the stallholders and customers have left, they will make their bed there – that bed being the plastic seats of the makan place or the stone benches bordering the river longkang.

The number of destitutes using the area as a sleeping ground has reportedly increased in recent years.

Some of these destitutes say that they sleep there because they are homeless, experience friction in the houshold, or find it more convenient to get to work the next day.

So far, it appears that customers and stallholders are aware of these destitutes.

Some stallholders help them out by giving them free meals.



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