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Most Highly-Decorated Opposition Leader Low Thia Khiang to Become Longest-Serving Opposition MP

Nope he’s not a scholar from the army, but a teacher-turned-contractor.

Still Low Thia Khiang managed to punch above his weight and lead Singapore’s opposition to higher ground against men with supposedly better qualifications.

Now he’s set to be Singapore’s longest serving opposition MP.

Mr Low was elected into parliament in 1991 after winning in Hougang SMC,

His win in Aljunied GRC this General Election will bring his tenure in parliament to 24 years.

That’s just 3 years shy of the Singapore People’s Party’s Chiam See Tong, who served from 1984 to 2011 (27 years).

Supposing he doesn’t retire, and that the next General Election isn’t held before 2019, Mr Low is on course to become Singapore’s longest-serving opposition MP.

He’s already racked up many “medals” for the opposition.

(1) Low’s original Hougang stronghold remains an opposition SMC since 1991 despite leadership changes

(2) Low is the first opposition leader to win a GRC

(3) Under his stewardship, the Workers’ Party has at its peak managed 1 GRC and 2 SMCs – the most territory ever gained by an

Mr Low’s Aljunied team also toppled former Foreign Minister George Yeo in a 2011 election that will live in infamy.

The only “opposition” leader to eclipse Mr Low?

The late Lee Kuan Yew, who’s PAP opposition team eventually took control of Singapore.

But he’s out of this world and in another league altogether.

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