Mother Accused of Forcing Driver who was Waiting to Fetch Toddler Out of Pickup Point

ADAM LIM: SLU 8XXXB, you are unbelievable selfish. Today as I was picking up my baby boy from childcare, I encountered a woman who is so unbelievable selfish. I stop at the pick-up point to pick up my baby boy from the childcare. It was followed by her car SLU 8XXXB.

She refused to wait for me to pick up my baby boy or to reverse her own car out of the pick-up point. Instead she was screaming across the pick-up point to the childcare and gesticulating wildly. She refused to wait a single second more. She was cursing and swearing.

She herself was a young mother with a toddler. But she absolutely lack empathy. She saw that I was picking up my baby boy but she does not care. Instead she demand that I come back from the childcare immediately without my baby boy and move my car immediately for her.

Dress so nice but rotten though the core. Karma will come back to haunt her when no one will give way to her or her child.


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