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MSF Chief Tan Chuan-Jin Exploits “Child Labour” on Mother’s Day to Give Out Roses

Is Tan Chuan-Jin going to get into trouble with new Manpower chief Lim Swee Say over this use of “child labour”, without even offering the young one any wages for his hard work?

Apparently, Mr Tan was spotted handing out flowers on Mother’s Day to random mommies on the street with the help of his son, Zachary.

The new Ministry of Social and Family Development explained in a Facebook Post:

“At our brisk walk this morning, we handed out flowers to moms and I guess future moms! (part of my MSF Singapore responsibilities!) To avoid getting myself into trouble with the hubbies (though they did ask what they will be getting on Father’s Day!), little Zachary came by to help. We looked out thru our ‘binos’ for the number of women coming back and off our little cutie went!”

The gesture drew much praise from netizens.


We don’t know who’s the bigger heartthrob – the minister or the child.

It’s a close toss-up.

But as lessons go by, this is probably one of the best “sian zha bor” (pick-up girls) lessons that we would definitely want to try on our kids!

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