NDR 2017: Look Forward to Paying More with Smart Nation Initiatives Coming Your Way

PM Lee Hsien Loong spoke about initiatives to further drive Singapore’s “Smart Nation” vision.

It seems the only things that Singapore has gotten right when it comes to adoption of technology, or at least most of them, have been to do with collecting more money in more efficient ways from Singaporeans.

For one, we’re on course to get a satellite ERP system in 2020 which will automatically charge you for every inch more that you drive.

And there’s no escape because the new system will see vehicles being monitored by satellite positioning technology instead of physical gantries.

What’s coming up, as announced during last night’s National Day Rally – Parking.sg.

That parking app, which will be launched in October, will count the minutes you park and charge you for it.

Right to the minute.

PM Lee may joke that they should call the Parking.sg app ‘Parking lady lai liao’, but what you should be worried about is the person behind a computer monitoring your car.

If you’re worried about these gizmos malfunctioning, don’t be.

Who can forget the calming sight of MRT gantries functioning 100% well even when train lines are down?



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