No Real Poor in Singapore; Even a Tissue Paper Seller can Enjoy Starbucks Meal!

KEV: Don’t believe what people tell you when they say that the poor in Singapore are suffering. In fact, there are no real poor people here.

Uncle and Aunty cardboard collectors only do it because they jiak bah bo sai pang (colloquial term to mean “nothing to occupy your time”) and need something to fill up the empty and long hours of the day.

See, even a tissue paper seller can  afford a Starbucks breakfast meal!

Came across this picture, where the fella whatmeworry who posted it said:

“I totally agree with the minister when he said that. I have seen for myself today. Wheelchair bound tissue paper seller. Enjoying his morning reading newspaper. Nothing wrong!!

I will buy up all his expensive tissue paper so that he can upgrade to a better wheelchair. And next time he can eat at TimHoWan for lunch and dinner too. Breakfast at Starbucks is too cheap for sinkies tissue paper seller!!

Don’t get me wrong that a honest tissue seller cannot eat at Starbucks! I am just agreeing with the 70% n ministers that there is no real poor in Singapore!!!

Today raining outside. So he got no choice but to take cover in the west gate Starbucks to wait out the rain before starts his tissue selling plea!!”

So yeah, the next time you feel sympathy for the poor and want to do charity, save the money and give it to Jover Chew’s mom so she got money for makan when he’s in jail.

Eh wait, that’s still charity. Sh**.


(Editor’s Note: It is my most esteemed belief that regular contributor Kev is trying to be funny. Either that or this bugger really jiak bah bo sai pang.)


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