North-South Line Train Delay during Evening Peak Hour: Expect 40 Minutes Added Travel Time


SMRT has warned commuters at 5pm today to expect an added 40 minutes of travel time if they are travelling on the North-South Line.

Commuters on their way home this evening reported travelling time of about 30 minutes between Newton and Bishan MRT stations – a journey that usually takes 10 minutes.

Some commuters said that trains had been moving slowly and were stopping for up to 15 minutes at each station when they usually stop for about 3 minutes.

This comes after services on the East-West Line resumed with slower train service, following a train collision this morning.

Travel along the North-South line and Circle Line was also fraught with additional waiting times due to train service disruptions.

All 3 MRT lines are operated by SMRT, which has today set a new record for the most number of lines to face train service disruptions at one time during morning peak hour traffic.


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