Number of Young People Who Have Given Up Looking for Jobs Up by 70 Percent


The number of young people who have given up searching for jobs has almost doubled this year.

According to the Manpower Ministry, 1200 discouraged workers this year are under 30 years old – up from 700 last year.

Discouraged workers are persons who are not actively looking for a job because they believe their search will end up in failure.

This year, there were 9,900 discouraged workers, up from 8,700 last year.

The group of under 30s is the second largest group discouraged workers – at 12 per cent.

The biggest group – compromising nearly 70 percent of discouraged workers – is those over the age of 50.

Labour analysts believe that the number of discouraged workers could rise if there continues to be a mismatch of skills and expectations between job seekers and employers


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