Nurses to Receive Pay Rise of Up to 20%, Special Payment

About 23,000 nurses in public healthcare institutions can expect their monthly pay to increase by up to 20 per cent over two years. A Nurse Special Payment will also be made every December starting this year. For 2014 and 2015, this payment will be 0.5 months of the base salary. These changes are part of the 15 recommendations from National Nursing Taskforce which has been approved by the Health Ministry.


Other Changes to the Nursing Profession:

a. More Enrolled Nurses who are trained at the Institute of Technical Education will have the opportunity to upgrade their skills at polytechnics to become Registered nurses.

B. A new Assistant Nurse Clinician position will be created to allow experienced nurses to take up clinical leadership roles, abd enable them to provide overall supervision over patient care.

C. Nurses will take on responsibilies for investigating certain diseases and ordering treatment.

D. MOH is looking to grant Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Clinicians the ability to prescribe medicines in the future, so patients need not see a doctor.

E. MOH will set up a National Council of Nursing Education to oversee and enhance nursing education and training.

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