O$P$: People’s Voice Chief Lim Tean Hounded by Debt Collectors


Debt collectors stunned People’s Voice Party leader Lim Tean on Tuesday (21 Sept) when they showed up unannounced at his Carson Law Chambers office demanding payment of S$4905.

In a video filmed by the debt collectors, Lim was seen behaving belligerently and refusing to pay the sum demanded.

At one point, Lim told that the he would not entertain them, only to receive the snide reply:

“You provide service for the public, we also provide service for the public. What’s the difference?”

“Justice Boy”, the frontman for the debt collecting troupe, said his team had been to two residences where Lim was supposedly staying at.

However, he said, they could not find him there as these were rented places and he had moved out before they could reach him.

Midway through the confrontation, Lim walked off and tasked a staff from his law firm staff to tend to the matter.

The staff subsequently made out a cash cheque to the debt collectors and they left.

This is not the first time that Lim has been the subject of money woes.

In 2020, he was arrested for on a criminal breach of trust charge, allegedly for misappropriating S$30,000 that he received from AXA Insurance on behalf of a former client.

In 2019, Lim avoided bankruptcy after repaying a US$150,000 (S$200,000) sum of money owed to a Chinese businessman.

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