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Is the National Environment Agency (NEA) not earning enough from fining errant smokers who drop butt in public? Now they’ve apparently taken to fining pet owners for the misdemeanour of bringing their pets into kopitiams.

The most catty part of this little tale – most pet owners don’t even know this is a finable offence!

For those not in the know, first-time offenders can get fined $300, and repeat offenders can be fined up to $2000.

The NEA says ridding coffee shops of pets will prevent the transmission of zoonotic diseases.

But seriously NEA, what about all the roadside ah neow and ah kao? They’re still free to roam around, forage for food, rub diners the right (or wrong) way, sneak into the kitchen area, hop on chairs and tables…. and they don’t get fined!

These animals must account for themselves, since they don’t have human owners. In such an event, they should be punished equally. If these animals are unable to pay a compound fine, then they should at least be made to do community service.

It’s only logical. Cats catch rodents. They should be dispatched to areas with a high pest count, and prodded to put their skills to use. Dogs fetch and deliver things, so they can perhaps be seconded to SingPost.

It works out well for everybody, and our kopitiams will be free of all animal life (except the drunks at 4am in the morning lah).

Sounds absurd? Probably. Then again, how about the NEA letting wild and probably dirtier animals roam free, while punishing pet owners who control their pets so they can’t muck about?

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