Phua Chu Kang”Ah Ma” Neo Swee Lin Shows Public Support for the SDP… to Baey’s Dismay!

She’s a theatre actress, but TV buffs might know her better as one of the stars of the popular local sitcom from yesteryear, “Phua Chu Kang”.

Yeah lah, that Ah Ma.

Neo and her husband, Lim Kay Siu attended this year’s Life Theatre Awards dressed in the red of the Singapore Democrats’.

Receiving the award for Best Ensemble for the play, HOTEL, Neo urged Bukit Batok residents to vote for the SDP:

“Politics should be a part of our lives every day… In a perfect future, I’d like to see more opposition in parliament… Now is the time to give Dr Chee a chance.”

Apparently, Neo’s daddy was a longtime PAP grassroots leader, and he shockingly turned up at the awards show in SDP colours too.

Said SDP chief Dr Chee Soon Juan:

“Swee Lin’s father told me that he was a PAP grassroots leader for 25 years working with PAP MPs Ibrahim Othman and Lee Chiaw Meng. He left the outfit and has never supported any other party. Until now that is. He came wearing the SDP uniform. The SDP is honoured and grateful. Thank you, Swee Lin, Kay Siu and Uncle William.”

It seems that guest-of-honour for the night, Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng ( who’s known as the “Selfie King” in some quarters) wasn’t too please with this public display of affection from Neo.

So why the public show of political support?

She explains here:

“This year’s Life Theatre Awards theme was “Future Perfect”. Lim Kay Siu & I went dressed in SDP colours, because for us, a perfect future for our country would be one where there was more opposition in Parliament. I thought long and hard if this was the right platform for this. I think it is. What other platforms do we have? (what do YOU think?)

As artists, we should stand up for what we believe in. I learnt from playing Soh Lung Teo in Cooling Off Day that everyone should be involved in politics, that we should be unafraid. Life, Art, Politics are all part of the human experience. I shed tears when I spoke to GoH Baey at the after-party, because I felt a little bit chastised. He was kind, but felt that this was not the right platform for what I did. I’m still not sure if he is right. All I know is, I am very passionate about my beliefs, and I hope that the voters in Bukit Batok will do the right thing. Be brave! You have a beautiful estate, I visit it often because my late mother’s ashes are interred in Bukit Batok, I am a stone’s throw away.

I have no doubt Murali is a good man too, but now is the time to give Chee Soon Juan a chance. He will do good for you, I promise you. I believe in him. You should too. (please re-share if you like: nomination day is today!) “


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