PHV Driver Tries to Beat Traffic Light, Almost Runs Over Ah Ma Crossing the Road


Irresponsible and dangerous driving by this sotong PHV driver almost flattened an ah ma to a cuttlefish!

The incident took place in Punggol yesterday (22 Nov) at around 1.50pm.

The PHV driver was bao toh-ed by another Grab PHV driver who shared this video online.


The PHV driver (black car) made a turn at a cross-junction despite the traffic light not being in his favour.

At the time, an Ah Ma was crossing the road.

Fortunately, the cam driver managed to work his emergency brake in time, and the Ah Ma was walking slowly (as ah mas tend to do).

Otherwise, sh*t would have hit the fan.

Said the Grab PHV driver:

“Whatever your reason for rushing to turn, remember the loved ones waiting for you at home”

We want to add:

“NB, don’t anyhow run over other people’s loved ones lah…”

You know, because things could have gone the way of this ah pek who was run over by a Comfort taxi in an almost similar situation!



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