PM Lee: You Have to Support the PAP Government If You Want Good Results


Speaking at PAP Convention 2021 today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the PAP government must be given support in order for Singapore to get good results.

“If you want to continue to get good results in Singapore, we’ve got to get our politics right, you have to support the PAP government, and we must work together to build the nation that we aspire towards.”

PM Lee said that the PAP has upheld “stringent standards” of integrity and honesty, and that the party’s “rigour” sets the tone for Singapore politics.

“Voters have to apply these same standards of integrity and honesty to every group and every person who participates in politics and public life, whichever side he may be on.”

PM Lee said that the party’s initiative to improve social mobility and social cohesion are “long-term endeavours” and that the party is moving in the right direction and making progress.

He added that it’s also not enough to have good policies, and that the government must also help people appreciate how these policies make a difference in their lives.

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