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Police Only Act if PAP is Under Threat?

From: Quek Chee Seng

Dear Editors,
As a Singaporean, I have a 2 questions for ICA:

(1) Is ICA still an agency that Singaporeans can trust if you cannot get your house in order – your staff deliberately released a security footage

(2) Are our passport and personal particular information safe since Singaporeans are now aware that there are unreliable ICA staff within.
Ordinary Singaporeans like us remember the Toa Payoh HDB block rooftop graffiti case where several Singaporean teenagers displayed their disappointment with the ruling People’s Action Party. The teenagers spray painted several public facing walls on the HDB rooftop with profanities aimed at the disappointing PAP, as its current leader is destroying what his father has painstakingly built up.

Expectedly, Singapore Police Forced managed to arrest the teenagers within 72 hours of the vandalism incident.

Singaporeans have short term memory. They cannot remember that than 3 months ago, a Malaysian Chinese drove a Singapore registered Mercedes Benz and broke through the barriers despite ICA’s repeated assurances that the security barriers are sound, despite an earlier security lapse when a Malaysian drive into Singapore by tail-gating another vehicle.

It is more worrying that shortly after the Mercedes gate crash incident, a video of the incident began circulating on the internet. The video, can be seen here:

It was obviously recorded from a mobile phone in a ICA Ops Room that monitors security footage. To me, this is a serious breach of trust by the check point authorities. Despite the promise of an investigation [], this incident happened more than 3 months ago, but neither the SPF nor the ICA have given Singaporeans an update of the “leak” which happened in a supposedly controlled & secured environment; but when PAP’s political powers are under threat, the SPF acted swiftly and managed to capture the teenagers.

Let us not forget that ICA officers have moral and integrity issues. Many corrupted ICA officers have made the news for the wrong reasons [ &]. Can you seriously trust ICA to protect your passport and personal information? The reluctance of ICA to update the public regarding the leaked security footage is worrying. Is there a cover-up? How difficult is it to pinpoint the identity of ICA officers on duty in Ops Room on the day of the incident? Has our personal information held in ICA been sold to the criminals by corrupted ICA officers?

I raised these concerns to the authorities in ICA. But I am very disappointed with ICA because they did not address my concerns and they have intimated me and demanded me to furnish them my personal particulars. Are my concerns valid? Definitely.

I hope you can publish this and let Singaporeans aware the double standards of our law enforcement authorities.
Thank you.

Chee Seng


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