Cow Beh Cow Bu

VIDEO: Police Taser Ah Pek for Holding Parang while Cow-Beh-Cow-Buing at Coffeeshop

Singapore police officers tasered a 54 year old man at a coffeeshop in Toa Payoh on Monday (23Feb) for holding a parang and apparently threatening passers-by.

A witness who took this video described the incident as such:

“A man was carrying a parang (weapon) and was about to attack another man. The other man can be seen picking up a chair to defend himself. He was eventually tasered by a policeman as he threatened passers-by with his weapon. The police officers picked him up after this and moved him to a different spot, away from the commotion.”

The incident happened at Block 78C, Toa Payoh Central at around 11pm.

Police arrested the man for possession of an offensive weapon, and subsequently sent him to hospital.

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