PRC Man Going Around Geylang Hunting for Makan with a Pet Carrier?

A China-born man is allegedly going around Geylang at night holding a pet carrier for no apparent reason.

The man is said to have been walking in an area with many community cats, and could offer no reason for holding the pet carrier when confronted by cleaners.

There’s worry that the man, amongst others, could be scouring for cats to eat.

Commenting on Facebook, Mohammed Zakaria said:

“I have just been informed by the block cleaners that yesterday night, they saw a man in mid-30’s walking around in Geylang Bahru area with a large pet carrier. They believed the man was a PRC nationality, but couldn’t really make out his intention. Whatever his intention was thwarted when the block cleaners confronted him.

Anyone staying in Geylang Bahru area especially Blocks 61, 62 and 63 area, please help to keep a lookout of any suspicious character walking around with a pet carrier where there are quite a number of comm cats around. Time was around 9pm.”


This sighting was report just two weeks after another claim that PRC workers could be cutting up and eating cats in a Tampines dormitory.

In that incident, the daughter of a staff from the dormitory said her father found 3 cats left with just their limbs and head, and accused the PRC workers of eating the rest of the cats.

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