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Preserve Your Aurat’s Honour with Childbirth “Modesty” Pants!

No more will perverse male doctors get a chance to peek at your aurat (intimate parts) when you’re giving birth, ladies.

A Malaysian company has launched a new type of maternity pants to salvage the sanctity of the aurat from the prying eyes of gynaecologists.

The vagina-hider even comes in 3 eye-catching colours.

MamaPride touts its pants as the first in the world to covers thighs, ankles and knees while a woman is in labour.

The company is selling the pants through its websites and pharmacies in Malaysia.

MamaPride says the genitalia gatekeeper is a hit amongst pregnant women.

One testimonial on the company’s website reads:

“I asked for permission to use this pants from MamaPride during childbirth. The doctors and nurses smiled excitedly and were eager to find out where I had bought it!”

With the recent outcry over Malaysian gold-medalist gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi’s aurat exposure, maybe MamaPride might come up with a cameltoe-concealing leotard too.


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