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Pritam-Raeesah Pursuit will Cost PAP the Presidency


ELSON: They never learn, do they? Sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

When the government under the ruling PAP was hammering the WP over and over and over again over AHTC, what happened?

WP won another GRC – Sengkang.

Some say the “reserved” Presidential Election was implemented to block Dr Tan Cheng Bock from contesting.

Whether true or not, what happened?

Angry Bock formed the PSP, even got Lee Hsien Yang in, almost won in 2 GRCs, and managed to put 2 NCMPs in parliament for a first-time party.

Now, they’re hammering again at Raeesah and the Singh, and playing a public game of “who’s the bigger liar”.

And it looks like they’re going to drag this and milk the bad publicity for whatever it’s worth.

It will backfire.

Edwin Tong has already become Public Enemy Number 1 for neutrals for his apparent lack of lawyerly skills and wit during the COP grilling.

Even though Tong Tong managed to get master crook Kong Hee a lighter-than-what-the-public-believed-he-deserved sentence.

It’s not that he had to do a dirty job, it’s how bad he was at it.

His Marine Parade GRC team mates, Mr Monk’s Hill and a speaker who talks too much, could perhaps be sweating it and hoping he gets rotated somewhere else come the next GE.

Maybe somewhere where there’s a plan to have a proper plan, which is still in the planning phase, like East Coast.

If the aim was to enshrine WP in the history books as the most corrupt party ever to exist in Singapore, that might probably have been achieved.

But history books are for the future, and the now doesn’t look good for the PAP.

Ruling elites are also perhaps too high up the ivory tower that their perception of their popularity is clouded.

Look at how WP leaders raised so much in so little time from the public to fight their personal AHTC court battle.
And in recent times, how the public managed to pull up the pants of TOC’s Terry Xu and uncle activist Leong Sze Hian when they got sued so they could keep their balls in place.

The presidency has wielded by the electorate as a buay song vote, especially with the emergence of Angry Bock at PE2011.

Yeah, you might be the elite at the wheel and the opposition are peasant clowns in comparison, but it doesn’t mean that Singaporeans don’t feel the itch to slap the driver from time to time.

The next PE is coming up.

The “reserved” election has already been played.

It’ll be interesting to see how the next hand is dealt and which way the cards will fall.




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