Private-Hire Driver Lepaks under Big Tree, Big Tree Collapses on His Car!

Maybe its fate, or maybe its fengshui.

Regardless, this 23-year-old university student is damn suay lah!

Working part-time as a private-hire driver, he had just dropped off a passenger and had parked his car at the open-air carpark in Jurong West St 42 under a big tree to lepak for awhile.

Then suddenly, he heard a huge noise that he mistook for thunder – that is, until he saw his whole car covered with leaves and tree branches.

It turns out the 5-storey-high tree that he had parked under had snapped and collapsed his car.

With the doors jammed, the young and quick-thinking private-hire driver wound down a window and climbed out.

Town council workmen soon arrived and used power saws to chop up the tree for easier disposal.

The driver’s black Toyota suffered dents and scratches, but he was still able to drive it home, fortunately without further incident.



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