Progress Singapore: New Rich Kid PSP Offers New Hope for Opposition

They have been laughed at for being “Dad’s Army”, but any sugar baby will tell you that older men are where the money’s at.

In just over a year, the Progress Singapore Party has shown that cash in the right hands can bring success.

The party ran with guns blazing in General Election 2020, losing marginally in West Coast GRC and Marymount SMC on just their first attempt.

In what was dubbed an “online election” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the PSP stepped up to the challenge, using what appears to be a huge financial war chest to boost its image of professionalism.

Unique and professional high-quality campaign videos never done before by any other local opposition parties were produced to fight the online war, together with eye-catching flyers and posters and lavish goody bags when they hit the ground.

The party has carried on its ground campaign beyond GE2020, digging into its own reserves to deliver more goodies for residents on special occasions such as Deepavali, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas.

And it looks like the PSP money-machine hasn’t run out of steam, boosted by rich donors and public support.

The party’s latest fund-raising concert, held in December last year, saw over S$100,000 in donations pour in.

Some have speculated that the party, supported by several bankers, fund managers and working professionals, may have the financial clout to take on the ruling PAP.

And the latest turf war seems to have begun, with the PSP holding their upcoming party retreat at the prestigious Singapore Island Country Club.

SICC has long been patronised by elites from the ruling party, such as former President and PAP member Dr Tony Tan, Emeritus Senior Goh Chok Tong, and former Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say.

On the other hand, PSP secretary-general Dr Tan Cheng Bock himself is a member of Jurong Country Club and was once the club’s president.

Could the new party on the block, with two NCMP seats in the bag, outshine even the Workers’ Party come the next General Election?

It wouldn’t be surprising, looking at the support it has received and deep financial reserves to mount another strong campaign.

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