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Property Agent Accidentally Sends Bitchy Text Message about Client to His Client!


Note of caution to those who like to bitch about people to others via text message – don’t send the bitchy text to the person you’re bitching about by mistake.

Like this property agent who wasn’t happy that one of his potential customers was late for an event.

By all of 2 minutes.

Said the young lady client who was obviously pretty shocked to receive the rude messages:

“”I can’t believe I just encountered this extremely rude house agent! “I was merely two minutes later and he mistaken me for someone else and sent some rude messages to me complaining that I’m late. He even send my profile picture referring to me as a f***ing girl who’s late! I’m sure he got a shock of his life when he saw that those messages were sent to me. I didn’t view the room in the end for why should I give him business?”

Yes, agents, next time just go to the kopitiam, but a Tiger, and bitch to the Tiger girl.

It’s safer.





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