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Protest Against Fare Hikes Planned

If you’re angry at the soon-to-rise transport fares, there’s a mass protest that’s expected this Saturday (25Jan) against the hikes

It’ll take place at Hong Lim Park at 5pm.


(1) Why Cow Beh?

Fare hike were approved even though our two transport giants SMRT and SBS are still operating profitably

They made $120 million and $18 million in nett profits respectively.

This isn’t including profits from rental of retail space.

Train ridership has also increased from an average 20 million rides, from the year 2005 to 2011.

Don’t the returns from such huge ridership increase could not offset any growth in operational cost for the transport giants.


(2) Kena “Tuck-ed”

Millions of Singaporeans have no choice but to take the public transport to work or school.

Instead of helping to alleviate our burden, the PTC and our Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew decide to make matters worse by approving the fare increase.

All this, despite the  $1.1 billion injection to the transport comapnies.

Temasek Holdings controls 55% of SMRT and since 2011, it has collected close to $500 million in dividends.

What exactly is going on?


(3) In Sum

There’s the rumbling that those angered by what they see as “unreasonable” increases will show their displeasure at the polls come 2016.

Others who are angered, and impatient prefer to show it at the rally on Saturday.

Are you angered and impatient?


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