PSP Insider: Brad Bowyer a “Good-for-Nothing Pretending to be a Prince”


“You ask 10 PSP members today and at least 9 of them will agree with me. Brad Bowyer talked a lot of cock but never did anything much.”

Brad Bowyer’s resignation from the Progress Singapore Party after online comments he made regarding Covid-19 vaccination, which were deemed offensive to the Jewish community, has apparently been met with relief by some factions of the party.

Such relief that one PSP insider called it the “end of a nightmare”.

Said the insider:

“Brad was Doc’s (Dr Tan Cheng Bock) blue-eyed boy. Which is okay. But he contributed nothing to the party. NATO (No Action Talk Only). He was first put in Party Comms and came up with some grand ideas but never put in any effort to get the work done. He must have thought that work was for underlings, meaning us ‘lesser’ members and volunteers.”

The insider, who remains a PSP member, continued:

“He flitted around from Comms to Policy Planning and again ‘siamed’ (avoided) all work just because he was a candidate. That was when he became even more big-headed. It is a wonder how PSP let him get away with it despite the complaints from other members. They even ‘demoted’ him in a way to policy comms at one point just to keep him in the ‘upper circle’. What kind of a position is that?”

Bowyer contested in Nee Soon GRC under the PSP banner in the 2020 General Election, with the PSP team winning 38 percent of the vote.

“He was a good-for-nothing pretending to be a prince. Put in Nee Soon because he couldn’t get along with people (in the party) and nobody wanted to run with him. So he had to be lumped with the other outcasts like Kala (Manickam) and ‘cross-eye’ (Ed’s note: referring to Damien Tay. Sorry Damien.) Still he thought of himself as god’s gift to the PSP. Poor Nalla (former PSP Treasurer S Nallakaruppan) had to carry the burden. What a joke. Yeah, you laugh, but just ask around if you don’t believe.”

Commenting on Bowyer’s resignation, the insider said:

“What is most disappointing is we (members) made noise about this idiot talking rubbish online about anti-vaxxing for over a year and yet he was allowed to get away with it. Come on, it was against the party line. And this wasn’t the first time he broke the party line. Francis (Yuen, PSP Sec-Gen), the CEC, they all should have been tougher on him but they were too nice. I mean, the PSP is a good party, but leadership-wise something is going wrong when you don’t pay attention to members’ concerns and stop the rot before it becomes cancerous.”

Regarding public incidences of in-fighting within the PSP, the insider said:

“The party must recognise that there are members who are trying their best for the party and others who are simply toxic ‘dragon and tigers’. They talk as though they are the most capable experts in the world. But they have no substance and many don’t even have proper jobs. Experts? What the hell? Okay since we’re on Brad, he hypes himself as a marketing expert and a ‘veteran’ in the arts and media industry. Name me one project that he’s worked on. Can you? Name me one project Mark Lee or Mark Richmond has worked on for comparison. You can name many right? A bunch of total nonsense. Even Craig (Teo) who is an actual media industry veteran has more credibility and substance, but no one cares about Craig.”

As for why the insider continues to remain with the party despite such stinging criticism, the insider said:

“I believe in a credible opposition. And the PSP can be that credible opposition. But it must weed out the selfish good-for-nothings first who put their own personal interests over the party’s and even the country’s. It’s not an easy job for Francis and Doc but I still believe that they can do it. I still hope.”

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