PSP Wayang King Jeffey Khoo’s Evangelist Antics at NUSS Draw Complaints


The Progress Singapore Party has several assets under it’s palm tree leaves.

Such as NCMP Leong Mun Wai who once ranked amongst the top in Singapore’s finance industry, and intellectual property lawyer Wendy who heads the Women’s Wing.

But duds like West Coast GE2020 candidate Jeffrey Khoo, known by some in the party as “Wayang King”, are simply throwing the PSP further off the rails.

Some party members Redwire spoke to have said for some time now that Khoo puts his personal political ambitions over the overall good of the party.

And it seems like he is trying hard to redeem himself after his involvement in the previous party bust-up, in which party founder Dr Tan Cheng Bock was slammed for acting like an “Emperor” sitting on his throne.

Especially since his position in West Coast alongside Dr Tan and the two current PSP NCMPs is now under threat from better potential candidates who have joined the party ranks.

Complaints have arisen that Khoo is taking political evangelism too far in the NUS Society (NUSS), essentially a club for NUS graduates.

Khoo currently serves as honorary treasurer on the NUSS management committee.

He has apparently wayang-ed his way into recruiting at least 3 out of the 16 committee members into joining the PSP.

These include honorary assistant treasurer Mohan Balagopal, and the two co-chairpersons for intellectual pursuit and lifelong learning Ng Teck Wee and Jeremy Seah.

What seems to irk other senior NUSS members is Khoo and gang’s antics in trying to “convert” other alumni members.

One who RW spoke to, who wants to remain anonymous, said:

“Somebody should tell him (Jeff) to sit down and shut up. You know that chap who suddenly started playing Christian music on the aeroplane? Yes, it’s that annoying. Can’t get it in his head that people don’t like to be constantly harrassed.”

Khoo is said to be struggling to build his power base amongst PSP cadres.

Some long-time members have told Redwire that he is the “male equivalent of disgraced former member Kala Manickam“, but with more brains and better abilities at “ball-carrying”.

A former PAP member, Khoo jumped ship to the PSP in 2019.

A trained botanist by profession (someone who looks at grass and trees etc for a living), jokes have been making the rounds ever since that Khoo could have been “planted”*.

(*These are jokes, not to be taken as the gospel truth hor.)

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