PUB Predicts Flash Floods on Saturday: Expect Unusually High Tide which Drains Can’t Handle


The Public Utilities Board has predicted an unusually high tide on Saturday (3 Feb), which may increase the chances of flash floods.

A high tide of 3.4m is expected to set in at 12.45pm on Saturday.

This, after a 3.44m high tide that occurred at noon today.

The PUB warned that  drains might not be able to handle the surge of rainwater.

“During the high tide periods, canals and drains, which lead to the sea and are therefore influenced by tides, will see high water levels… Seawater may also overflow from the drains and flood the roads.”

Should there be heavy rain at the same time as the high tide, flash floods may occur in low-lying coastal areas such as Jalan Seaview, Meyer Road, Fort Road and Tanjong Rhu.

Earlier today, high tide led to seawater flowing inland through the roadside drain onto the junction of Amber Road and Mountbatten Road.

The PUB has warned drivers and pedestrians not to drive into or enter flooded areas.



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