Public Car Park Fees for Cars Up 20 Percent Come December!


Ready, get set, and now it’s time to curse and swear if you’re a driver.

From December, it’ll cost you 20 percent more to park at public car parks.

You will pay S$0.60 cents per half hour instead of the current S$0.50 cents to park at public car parks outside of the restricted zone or outside designated areas close to the restricted zone, i.e most residential areas.

For public car parks within the restricted zone or within designated areas close to the restricted zone, the parking charge will increased to S$1.20 per half hour from the current S$1.00.

The new rates were announced in a press release issued by Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) today.

Don’t laugh, people who have bought season-parking at HDB car parks. You’re not spared.

Season parking for the first car will increase by S$15 for surface car parks from S$65 to S$80 per month, and S$20 for sheltered car parks from S$90 to S$110 per month.

For non-residents buying a season parking pass or residents getting season parking for a second and subsequent parking lot, the rate will increase by S$25 for surface car parks to S$90 per month and by S$30 for sheltered car parks to S$120 per month.

The only people who can afford to laugh are motorcyclists.

There will be no revision to their parking charges for motorcycles as they were revised when per-minute charging and Concessionary Season Parking Ticket for motorcycles were introduced in July 2014 and January 2015.

So for those who have existing coupons, you can change them for the new ones at HDB Branches/Service Centres, the URA Centre and coupon agents (e.g. all petrol stations, 7-11 outlets etc) from early October 2016.


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