Public Petition Against NEA’s Choice of Sea Burial Site Gains Traction

A public petition against the National Environmental Agency’s choice of sea burial site at Tanah Merah is gaining traction.

Gunning for 1500 signatures, it has received over 1400 to date.

The petition is aimed at shifting the proposed sea burial site because the location if “shared by 2 popular sea sports facilities” and a beach

Namely, the MOE Sea Sports Centre and the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, and a recreational swimming beach.

As explained in the petition:

“On any given weekend, there are 100 to 200 sailing boats, windsurfers and stand-up paddlers using the stretch of water that is down-current from the site. Young children also sail and train in these waters. Boats capsize and people swim in these waters. The sea water they swallow might contain the remnants of someone’s loved one. How would that person’s relatives feel about this possibility?”

Petitioners are urging the NEA to consider a different location that is “more private and away from areas of public recreation and activity”.

In its news report on the proposed sea burial site, state media agency The Straits Times stated:

“With the new facility, the National Environment Agency (NEA) hopes to make it more convenient for people to conduct their sea burial ceremonies and to protect the dignity and decorum of the proceedings.

Prior to construction, comprehensive consultancy studies and a study on the impact on the environment will have to be conducted.”

It posted this graphic accompanying the report:

In contrast, The Online Citizen has put up a proper image showing the proximity of recreational facilities to the proposed site (win liao lor, state media).


And therein lies the question – what were the “comprehensive consultancy studies” done by the NEA, and who were the stakeholders consulted before it decided on this “optimal” location?

The proposed sea burial facility is slated to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2019.



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