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Revealed: What Brit Ang Mohs Really Mean When They Talk to You “Politely”

The stereotypical British politeness and charm has been perpetuated, from the escapades of Paddington Bear, to Hugh grant in Notting Hill, to Sean Connery in James Bond (no, not that emo sod of a Bond known as Daniel Craig).

But what do these jolly chaps really mean when they’re speaking to you in their best dialectic over some afternoon tea of scones and biscuits?

Well, Brit ang mohs will know when some cheeky little minx is taking the mickey, but foreigners for sure would be a tad more clueless.

Here’s a table that makes things clearer.

But before that, if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that when a person from Britain begins a sentence “with the greatest respect …’, they actually mean ‘I think you are an idiot’.

Enjoy, ta.


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