RSAF Engineer Charged for Ownself Award Ownself S$1.76 Mil in Contracts


Rajkumar Padmanthan was charged today for corruption relating to his involvement in contracts awarded when he was working in the RSAF as an engineer.

He is accused of awarding aircraft and maintenance contracts worth around S$1.76 million to companies he was involved with.

One of the firms is Goodwill Aviations System, which he owned and controlled.

He recommended GAS as a contractor to perform aircraft system repair and maintenance, and the government paid GAS S$869,000 for the work done.

Rajkumar also recommended Duratech Engineering to the RSAF.

Duratech would subcontract work to GAS, or Eagle Flight Aviation Services, which Rajkumar also had a share in.

The government made payment worth S$259,000 for repair and maintenance to Duratech.

Rajkumar also separately recommended EFAS as a contractor, and the RSAF awarded the firm about S$633,000 in contracts.

During this time, Rajkumar had hidden the fact that he had an interest in these companies.

Besides ownself award ownself way, Rajkumar is also accused of bribing another RSAF engineer, Sung Way Xiong, to divulge restricted pricing information related to tenders.

Sung has also been charged with corruption.

The sole proprietor of EFAS was also charged with conspiring with Rajkumar to cheat the Government.



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