RW INSIDER: WP Infighting Begins After Raeesah Khan’s Resignation


No political party exists without internal politics – just ask Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party, which has in all likelihood set the national record for number of public spats in a year.

From sue until pants drop to “anonymous” spy games, the PSP has got more thrilling twists and turns then a thousand-episode Taiwanese drama.

And it looks like this is about to envelope in the Workers’ Party over the “heir” to Sengkang GRC following Raeesah Khan’s disgraceful conduct and subsequent resignation from the party and her post as MP.

There is no need for a by-election to be called – a precedent set by the PAP.

But a Redwire Insider tell us that catfighting has already begun over who should take over Raeesah’s place come the next General Election, which must be held by 2025.

“Not going to name names, but even some botaks are gunning for the position. But dey, come on, it’s a minority seat!”

Nonetheless, internal factionalism has raised its ugly head following the vacuum left by Raeesah Khan and the draw of a S$16,000 per month “windfall”.

“You remember Eric Tan? There are people here whose egos are even bigger than his. If that is even possible.”

Tan is the former WP Treasurer who was unceremoniously passed over the NCMP seat in GE2011 and resigned claiming he was “betrayed”.

Said the insider:

“You join the WP to serve the people, not to serve yourself. What for pull all these kinds of stunts?”

Pritam Singh’s mettle looks to be tested here as WP chief as this will be his first serious test at calming the waters after being elected as secretary-general.

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