S$100,000 Hospital Bill but Man Paid S$0 Thanks to MediSave, Medishield, Gahmen Subsidies and Insurance

ANON: My father [was a] guest of Changi General Hospital for 80 days including many days straight in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

The  final bill [came up to] $104,000.

Heng ah, 2Ms Medisave and Medishield & Government subsidy, and final knight in shining armor NTUC Income, final bill ZERO!

My father stopped work 21 years ago and last drawn salary $1,000 as a general worker.

He is as average a Singaporean as can be.

Medisave deduction after close to 3 months of stay is $2,911.16.

None of us children paid anything, cash or in kind.



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