S$353.40 Kopitiam Makan: Clueless Uncle Complains about getting “Chopped” by Singapore’s “Food Nazi”


Clueless uncle Kenneth Tan is apparently the latest victim of Singapore’s “Food Nazi” – Chef Danny who runs Sin Huat Seafood at the Sin Huat Eating House in Geylang.

Tan took the Facebook to complain the he got “chopped” after spending S$353.50 on 4 dishes.

He said:

“Total rip off! Slaughter house! Kena chop! Please share this with all your friends. $353.40 for 4 dishes! I hope none of my friends will have to go through my experience. Almost $100 for 1 fish and $200 for a crab bee Hoon. They think they are Ritz Carlton?! I had dinner there with my 2 boys on Saturday and I still cannot get over this traumatic experience. Service was slow. More than 1 hour before 1st dish arrives. Old, dirty, dim and hot coffee shop charging 5 star restaurant price. I will never ever eat there again. I hope you will never do too. Really wonder why such places still exist?”

What our clueless uncle missed was this – Sin Huat Seafood is listed on the Michelin Guide, and has been recommended and local makan expert KF Seetoh.

And, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain named it as one of the “13 Places to Eat Before You Die”.

So, you know lah, it’s got an “atas” status already.

And, the “Food Nazi” part – Sin Huat’s towakay chef has been known to be exactly as Tan described since way back in 2014.

Diners going there expect to pay over-the-top prices for their makan.

According to the Gastronaut Diary:

“I had heard things about this restaurant. Its owner Chef Danny was known as the Food Nazi of Singapore and diners gladly paid through their noses for his superb, fresh seafood. You didn’t order your meals, so much as have the orders dictated to you by the chef, who would then cook your meal personally. And you wouldn’t know the size of your portion, or its price until the receipt arrived.

Because of this, I took a long time to convince myself — and save enough money — to have a first-hand encounter with this much talked about chef.”

And as for prices, well, this is what Daniel Food Diary had to say:

“There is NO MENU at the Michelin Bib Gourmand, Anthony Bourdain recommended Sin Huat Eating House at red-light district of Geylang Lorong 35.”The fish is $150 per kg ah. I tell you. Don’t order and then complain against me…” Chef Danny Lee mentioned that in a tone equal in candidness and seriousness, as if he was many-times bitten, many-times (not) shy.

Our orders were the legendary Crab Bee Hoon ($160 for 2 crabs), Prawns ($84 for 14 pieces), Scallops ($50 for 2 kg, that was like 12 pieces?), Frogs’ legs with essence of chicken ($26 for 2 frogs), and Vegetables ($20).”

So yeah, foodies, be prepared to pay to enjoy if you want to eat at Sin Huat.

Otherwise, don’t cow beh and say we never tell you ah when you get served!



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