Sabah Earthquake: Hero Teachers Shielded and Protected Students at Mount Kinabalu

With the ground crumbling around them, they defied fear and defended the children placed in their care.

For some, their bravery and selflessness might have costs them their lives.

One Tanjong Katong Primary School teacher, Mohamed Faizal Abdul Salam, used his body to shield students from huge rocks that slid down the mountain.

He is believed to have made it back home.

Another unnamed teacher wasn’t so fortunate.

As the boulders fell, he told his students to stay put, as he went to assess the dire situation ahead.

He was never seen again.

Such stories of selflessness follow that of a mountain guide who died after rescuing injured climbers from Mount Kinabalu when the 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck.

This iconic photo of mountain guide Ridwan, hunched over with an injured climber strapped over his back has earned admiration and praise from the public.

After his heroic deeds were done, Rubbi, who hails from kampung Kiau in Malaysia, succumbed to head injuries.

The 6.0 earthquake struck Sabah last Friday.

Amongst the victims were teachers and students from Tanjong Katong Primary School, who had ventured to Mount Kinabalu for a leadership course.

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