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Time to Ban the SBS

If the Singapore government is going to extend the alcohol ban in Little India, it might as well slap a ban on the SBS too.

The Singapore Police Force says it is enforcing the ban because it believes intoxication caused the riot.

How about the bus that crushed a man to death?


(1) Drinking Games


People get drunk every weekend.

Some curse, others fight, and a couple of intoxicated Ang Mohs even take a dip in the Singapore river (sometimes lah).

Yet, we don’t see riots occurring every weekend.

Going by the Singapore government’s logic, public fury which led to the riot was sparked by an accident involving a bus.

How about we shut down bus services for half a year too?

An Indian man was also catalyst, so we should probably ban Indians from Singapore too (a very extreme inference, but this just shows the illogical outcomes such a line of thought can yield).


(2) Another Riot Waiting to Happen


This high-handed measure by the government is going to hurt small businesses in Little India, and unjustifiably so.

Already, shop owners have complained that their earnings can take a dip of up to 50%, after experiencing the ban for just one weekend.

If this carries on for another half a year, how many will be forced to wind up because of high rentals in the area?

On one hand, the Singapore government publicly declares it will help shop owners.

Yet, it goes ahead and gives them knife through the back.


(3) Wake Up Your Idea, Gov


It’s time to stop finding cheap, superficial excuses to gloss over possible social tension that led to the Little India riot.

And it’s time for a little logical thought, something our lawmakers of today don’t seem to possess.

You can fool some people some of the time, other people most of the time, but not everybody all of the time.

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