SDA Chairman Lodges Police Report Over Being Called Fat, Amongst Other Allegations

Singapore Democratic Alliance Chairman Desmond Lim has lodged a police report against a netizen who called him fat, amongst other allegations, in a YouTube Video.

The video by “Dan Politics”, titled “How Singapore Opposition get Money for themselves” also accused Lim of siphoning donations to his charity for his own personal use.

“Dan Politics” also called Lim “bui bui zeng zeng”, or “fat and swollen”, and said that he grew so fat because he feasted with the donations he allegedly misappropriated.

Lim has issued a statement refuting all the allegations, but interestingly did not respond to the accusations of him being fat.

He said that his charity, Dedicated Locals’ Caring Community, does not collect donations.

Rather, he said, the charity helps to facilitate donations from donors to beneficiaries.

Posting a copy of the police report he lodged on the SDA Facebook page, Lim said:

“DLCC does not act as an intermediary or representative for any beneficiary or solicit funds for beneficiaries. Instead, the donors deal directly with the beneficiaries. Among our donors are companies that donate merchandise like face masks, clothes, foodstuff and other essential items. We ensure sure that these items reach those in need. Every donation, big or small, is properly documented with receipts.”

“Dan Politics” has not publicly responded to the statement so far.

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