SDA Registers New 200-Strong Association to Protect Taxi Drivers’ Rights and Welfare

The Singapore Democratic Alliance has registered a new taxi drivers welfare group, the Singapore Cabbies Association.

The 200-strong association was registered on Thursday (21 Aug), and is aimed at protecting the rights of taxi drivers in Singapore.

SDA chief Desmond Lim says that the association will champion causes which will benefit taxi drivers.

One cause the association will fight for is the stronger regulation of third-party applications such as Uber.

It wants the authorities to push for Uber drivers to undergo formal training and comply with the same regulations as taxi drivers, and ensure Uber drivers have up-to-date Medisave contributions to renew their vocational licences.

It also plans to offer legal advice and financial education to taxi drivers, as well as educating the public on safe areas to flag taxis.

Mr William Lim, founding president and assistant treasurer of the association, said that the SCA also intends to engage veteran taxi drivers and traffic police officers to provider training for new cabbies as the current training is very basic.

He added that not enough is being done to make the voices of taxi drivers heard:

“The NTA (National Taxi Association) is only one single association. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and taxi companies are not taking into consideration their suggestions enough.”

The SCA’s annual membership is open to taxi drivers who hold valid taxi driver vocational licences and costs S$60.

The NTA appears skeptical of the the new taxi drivers’ association.

Said, NTA executive adviser Ang Hin Kee, “What do you bring new to the scene? … I still feel it may be more effective if we can channel our resources through existing networks so that (NTA) can benefit the drivers.”

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