SDA’s Taxi Association Raises 1050KG of Rice Donations for the Needy

HARMINDERPAL SINGH: Last week, the SDA proudly registered an alternative cabbie association, the Singapore Cabbies Association (SCA),  to champion for the welfare for taxi drivers – probably the last job reserved for true blue Singaporeans currently.

Till date, the SCA already has more than 200 members till date, and their founding president is William Lim, member of SDA and a full-time taxi driver by profession.

The SCA is still currently pending Register of Societies (ROS)’s approval.


Together with the members, the SCA has successfully raised donations of 1050 kg worth of rice for charity’s purpose. William Lim – founding president and assistant treasurer of SCA fully understands the difficulties of being a taxi driver these days. As his new association SCA seeks to protect the interest and rights of their members – the members in turn seek to help the needy out, for one good turn deserves another.   The 1050 kg of rice raised has been donated to Willing Hearts, a volunteer-based non-profit organisation, for their distribution to the destitute and needy families.


(On Wednesday 29 Aug) during lunchtime, Desmond Lim was at Willing Heart’s office to handover the sacks of rice, and William was there to witness the event.  This good cause will be able to benefit more people who are in need.

Thank you everyone for the hard work and efforts in this charity event!


This story was written by the SDA’s Harminderpal Singh and first published on the SDA’s blog.


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