Select Committee on Online Falsehoods Amends Alleged Falsehoods Published in its Report


The Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods, which was accused of publishing falsehoods of its own in a summary report, has amended the report following complaints of misrepresentation.

Five witnesses had lodged complaints calling for the summary report, which was published on the parliament website, to be amended.

Journalist Kirsten Han requested for 11 amendments, of which 5 were made.

The committee also included 5 additional points requested by Howard Lee,  a former editor of activist blog The Online Citizen (TOC).

Chief Editor of TOC, Terry Xu, had requested 3 amendments, of which 2 were inserted.

Gaurav Keerthi, the founder of dialectic.sg and confirm.sg, requested 9 amendments, and 5 were inserted.

Civil rights activist Jolovan Wham asked for an additional point to be inserted to the summary of his evidence and this was later inserted.



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