Sentosa Bikini Babe Nabs Tiko Youngster Snapping Candid Shots of Her


A relaxing day at Sentosa turned sour for this young lady after she became a candid shot victim of a young topless dude.

The young lady was clad in a bikini and chilling at Siloso Beach with her sister when they saw a tiko youngster pacing around them several times.

They got suspicious, and just as they were packing up to leave, noticed that his handphone was pointed in their direction.

The lady confronted him and managed to snatch his handphone.

To her horror, she found that he had indeed been taking photos of her sister and her.

She said that the young man didn’t apologise, and even admitted that he was planning to share the photos with his friends.

The young lady managed to delete the photos, and put up a video online detailing the incident as a warning to others to be careful of tikos!

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