“She Thinks I’m a Fairy, Fairies Don’t Eat”: Maid Working for Atas Employer Shares 16-Hour Work Schedule

A maid has shared what it’s like working for her previous employer who put her on a 16-hour-long daily schedule.

Leah said that the employer who lives in a “2-storey house, with 5 bedrooms, 5 toilets and 2 big cars” but doesn’t allow her to use the washing machine – and that’s why she has to handwash the clothes for the household of 6.

“The washing machine is for display. Yes they have broadband I am not included. Even if I have spare time at night there is no way I will waste it online. Got to catch some good rest.”

You might notice on the meticulously-planned schedule that breakfast was not factored in.

Said Leah:

“It’s something I laugh about as time goes. She thinks I am a fairy, fairies don’t eat. It was not included so it was like, a bread on my hand while doing things for kids. It’s just 2 slices of bread with kaya spread everyday so it won’t take time.”

As for the ** next to the 2-hour break that Leah gets in the afternoon?

“The ** – sometimes cleaning cabinets grills, or even trimming grass or ferns growing near the koi pond.”

Leah says she persevered as she had “no one to turn to” until she finally found an employer who treated her better.

Well, if Leah thinks she had it bad…. This maid’s schedule puts her working from 5.30am to 1am the next day!

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