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Shocked Malaysian Discovers that Makcik Shopping at Roadside Stall is the President of Singapore


You can forgive Malaysian Nazerrul Hazwan for expressing his shock at seeing this “makcik” shopping for RM$10 (about S$3) tudungs in Malaysia.

After all, she’s the President of Singapore.

Nazerrul said that many people didn’t recognise Mdm Halimah Yacob because they couldn’t recognise her.

But he did, and he was surprised that while Mdm Halimah was a person of stature (you know lah, being the president and all) she was humble and picking out cheap tudungs from a rack at a roadside store.

Said Nazerrul:

“She may be an important person, but she is humble. There was a First Lady store in front of her, but she was browsing RM$10 tudings at a roadside store next to it instead. She was also walking around on her own, so maybe she would accept if I asked her to have a coffee with me.”

After posting his “sighting” on Facebook, many have expressed their joy at having a president who doesn’t put on any airs.


Then again hor, if the SIngapore President who earns in excess of a million SGD a year is shopping for cheap tudungs in Malaysia, then what’s that say about the cost of living in Singapore ah?




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