Siao Lang “Sexy Aunty” Drenches Neighbour’s Shoes with Urine


A crazy old woman has been caught on CCTV splashing liquid that smells like urine on her neighbour’s shoes.

This has happened on at least two occasions starting from mid-2021, at a HDB flat in Bukit Panjang.

In one instance, the siao lang aunty was wearing a sexy negligee and dripping the liquid on the victim’s shoes that were placed on a shoe rack in front of his flat unit.

The victim believes the shoe rack started this whole crazy saga.

He said that the siao lang aunty refused to let him put the shoe rack outside of the house, claiming that the area belonged to her.

Ever since then, he said that she would throw his things away, wipe liquid on his windows, and also threw a children’s bicycle at his front porch.

A police report has been lodged regarding siao lang aunty’s behaviour.

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