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Singapore Bed Crunch, MP on “Holiday”

Opinions are like assholes – everybody’s got one (thanks, Dirty Harry).

Same can’t be said of hospital beds in Singapore.

Even if you’re up to your neck in shit, you’ll probably have to wait some 2 days to get a bed if it’s crunch time.

And by crunch time, our dear MP Dr Chia Shi-Lu means “holiday season”.


(1) Chia Ba Bo Sai Pang


Dr Chia described the current bed crunch as “abnormal”.

What’s abnormal, Dr Chia, is what ever happened to the long-touted long-term planning which the Singapore government prizes itself for?

Since it has been manufacturing population growth, surely it should have the good sense to manufacture sufficient facilities to meet this growth?


(2) We Deserve Better


Healthcare costs have been surging every year, at times higher than our annual inflation rate.

In the same coin, government expenditure on healthcare is about half the amount spent on defence.

Around $12 billion goes to the boys in green, while our boys in white receive close to $6 billion.

That’s why it’s time to press the Men in White.

All Singaporeans living in Singapore should be entitled to adequate and affordable healthcare.

Providing that is a basic function of government.


(3) In Sum


It’s only right for Singaporeans to drum up a din when the basics aren’t met.

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

And there’s no need to behave like an asshole if you won’t.

Just let someone else take over the wok.

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